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Music mix.

Sorry, about the video spam.

And sorry, about the non-blogging-periode. Just another bad week. Yesterday, I was going home to my friend Sofie, And got a ticket
in the train. And the ticket-man called the police, because he couldn't find me in the personal-check-thing.

And today, I've found out, that I'm on the freaking black list (I can't really explain what the black list is, but it's bad)

See ya, folkes :)



Well, I don't want this to be a fashion blog. It's just boring - So from now on, I'm just going to write about stuff I like, and what I think of things.

I was just looking at some cool pictures, and I found this. I love the thick smoke, and the backward shirt. And it is Ash Stymest.

The dog days are over.


All my love.

I love boy-clothes! I usually take my dad or brothers clothes, but I'm considering if I just have to start buying it myself. These two shirts from asos.com is just wonderfull!

And then I have to thank you, Asos, for picking all of my favourite models - Ash Stymest, Oscar Spendrup, Josh Beech etc.


It was the perfect weather today! I wore shorts in school today, but I (by an accident) tattood myself all over my legs, so I had to put some long socks on :)

Right now, I'm just listening to some good music (Laura Marling) And trying to do some homework.... Unfortunately, I always end up on facebook, when I'm supposed to do homework. Weird.

And thanks again for you people who read my blog - It means the world to me.

Kisses from Copenhagen :)


Cheated hearts could be beautiful.

Metronomy is so cool. I love them, and I love the yeah yeah yeah. So thats a killer combination.
Hope that you will enjoy it as much as me.




vest: munderings kompaniet. sweatshirt: chicago. skirt: monki. tights: h&m. shoes: adidas.


Mr. Postman!

I love this song/ remix or whatever you want to call it.


Please, hype my brother!


Right now, I'm trying to decide if I should save money for this Christopher Kane shirt. It cost about 213$, and I'm broke so... Going to take a while. But it's beautiful, and I've wanted it for a really long time. I'm still sad that I didn't get a chance to buy any of the Christopher Kane for topshop clothes. And I was actually looking at it when I was in Barcelona :(

Anyway, what do you think?
Saving up, or just let it go?

No blogging.

I just wanted to tell you, that my blogging might become a little half hearted this week. I'm really busy, because we have a projekt week in my school. Quite annoying. But we got to chose a topic that we wanted to talk about in the class - So me and my best friend Sofie is going to make our projekt around "fashion designers". So we are out of school in a whole week! Sweet...

I will, of course, blog, but not so much.

See you when the week is over, suckers :)

Celine resort 2010.

I love Celine! The way they mix the more masculin shirts and blazers. I love the look on the first picture from the left. The nude blazer is so beautiful! If I had it, I would wear it everyday. And the black leather shorts are just great, because they don't have any drapes or anything. Just so basic. But unfortunately, it's so expensive that I can only dream about it.


Ash Stymest.

Ash Stymest is my new favourite male model! He is so special, yet beautiful. And he plays music (Guitar and drums) He shows all the guys that you don't have to look like Taylor Lautner to be pretty - And I love his tattoos. This year, he walked from Balenciaga, and was on the covers of Dazed and confused and Vogue. Upcoming model or what?


Inspiration of the week.

all sketches by Cedric Rivrain.


I would love to wear this set right now! It's quite simpel, yet sophisticated. I really love the college-look, and just put a baseball jacket on, and the look would be finished!

Oh, and the collage is a bit ugly, but I'm still just about to figure the picasa program out.

Jumpsuit: topshop. shirt: weekday. shoes: converse. ring: nasty gal.

Next buy.


Little apple.

My all time favourite necklace! It was a gift from my very best friend, Sofie. But unfortunately, it dosen't match any of my clothes. So I really want summer now! this, and a peach-coloured maxi dress could be cute together.

Anyone who knows how to put a video in?
I can't really figure it out.
I'm using a mac, if it makes any diffrent.

Johnny Flynn.

I think that I have a slightly, unhealthy obsession with this guy. He is so talented (he is an actor and musician) And then he is quite beautiful. I've seen him live, and he was SO good. I wish that I could turn back the time, and be there again. But I will maybe see him again in London. So I'm really looking forward to that! :)

check him out on myspace.

The jacket.

I almost forgot to show you the jacket. I really like the colour. I was so close to buy the black one, but then I saw this beauty. It's quite summer-something. And it fits well with my tibetan wool vest. But it was a bit expensive. I don't care. It was worth any penny.



Sorry, I just hate blogger right now.
I really want to upload some videos for you, but when I try, it just says "this video is currently not here" Or something like that. Just piss me of.

But today, me and my best friend Sofie was in Copenhagen. We had a really good time, and she bought some great stuff. I'm broke, so i didn't buy anything.
She bought the movie "new moon", the second movie in the twilight: saga. OK, it sounds a bit weak. I know. But its just a really cute story. And then she bought a quite cute nailpolish from urban outfitters :)

And on our way home, we saw the funniest guys in the world! they were dressed like two students from Hogwarts or something.

Now I'm just tired, and I will just read a bit.

Hope that you all had a great tuesday!



sweater: ralph lauren. shirt: topshop. skirt: monki. tights: wolford.



I love the new topshop make-up! Especially this lipstick. I like when the lips are, like, black or dark-red, and the rest of your make-up is pale. Not even mascara. And then its not very expensive. It only cost about £8 pund.

Colour: Lips in vamp.


The kills & uniqlo?

Did you know that uniqlo have made some t-shirts with the kills?
I love them. I love the kills, and I love uniqlo. Especially their Jil Sander collection.

I was thinking about it yesterday . Is it just me or does the H&M black book projekt look a little bit like these shirts? Too bad, Hennes and Mauritz.
Nothing comes out of copy-cats.
I actually don't know why people like those new H&M tees.
I think it's a bit like "Oh, I really want to be so avant garde, so lets just make some wannabe rock-tees!"

And it's not the same with uniqlo, because it is a rock T-shirt.

Just saying it.

Shit day.

Today is a fucking shit day!

Every day since monday, have been shit.

Yesterday I came home and listened to some music. Then I find out that Johnny Flynn is freaking engaged! After that, I was going to buy my jacket, and I got it. The only thing was that it costed about 200$, so I need to give my mother money now.

Today I come home, and turn on the TV - Then put Mtv on, and they play "seven nation army". What the hell is happening? White stripes shouldn't be played on Mtv. I personally think that the danish Mtv only play things like Ke$ha and other pop-shit.

Arh ...
Sorry my language.



Yay! Tomorrow I'm getting mu leather jacket! I have been saving alot of money the last couple of months, just because of this jacket. And now it's mine! Can't wait

I think my next buy will be this couple of ballerinas from Shoe biz.



Today, my mom came home with this cute nailpolish to me. I love the color, its a bit dusty. Way prettier than the Ballerina from Chanel I think. 

Enjoy your saturday! I will just watch some old Disney movies, with a cup of hot chocolate.