Sorry, I just hate blogger right now.
I really want to upload some videos for you, but when I try, it just says "this video is currently not here" Or something like that. Just piss me of.

But today, me and my best friend Sofie was in Copenhagen. We had a really good time, and she bought some great stuff. I'm broke, so i didn't buy anything.
She bought the movie "new moon", the second movie in the twilight: saga. OK, it sounds a bit weak. I know. But its just a really cute story. And then she bought a quite cute nailpolish from urban outfitters :)

And on our way home, we saw the funniest guys in the world! they were dressed like two students from Hogwarts or something.

Now I'm just tired, and I will just read a bit.

Hope that you all had a great tuesday!

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