The kills & uniqlo?

Did you know that uniqlo have made some t-shirts with the kills?
I love them. I love the kills, and I love uniqlo. Especially their Jil Sander collection.

I was thinking about it yesterday . Is it just me or does the H&M black book projekt look a little bit like these shirts? Too bad, Hennes and Mauritz.
Nothing comes out of copy-cats.
I actually don't know why people like those new H&M tees.
I think it's a bit like "Oh, I really want to be so avant garde, so lets just make some wannabe rock-tees!"

And it's not the same with uniqlo, because it is a rock T-shirt.

Just saying it.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hvad mener du med rock-tees? De minder da ikke om hinanden de her.. :)

  2. Nej, derfor kalder jeg dem fra H&M "wannabe" rock-T-shirts. Fordi jeg syntes at det skal være lidt for anderledes, og det er slet ikke h&M agtigt. Alt for avant garde.